Getting Started#


To install Shimmy from PyPI:

pip install shimmy

To install required dependencies for environments, specify them as follows:

pip install "shimmy[bsuite,atari]"

Choices: gym-v21, gym-v26, atari, bsuite, dm-control, dm-control-multi-agent, openspiel, meltingpot

For development and testing:

pip install "shimmy[all,testing]"


Docker can be used for installation and reproducible environment creation on any platform, through virtualized application containers. We provide Dockerfiles for each environment, located in /bin/

Build a Docker Image#

To download environment’s Dockerfile and build an image:

curl | docker build -t dm_lab -f - .

Or, clone our GitHub repository and build from the Dockerfile locally:

docker build -t dm_lab -f bin/dm_lab.Dockerfile .

Running a Container#

Then, to run the Docker container with an interactive bash terminal:

docker run -it dm_lab bash

Stop the container:

docker stop dm_lab

Remove the stopped container:

docker rm dm_lab

For more information, see Docker Documentation.